Dalemarken AB is a small family owned consultant in the west of Sweden. We provide services to clients in the EU, Norway, Iceland, UK and Switzerland. Our expertise is in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), Circular Economy and strategic environmental consulting.


Our consultant David Althoff Palm is an approved verifier in the International EPD-system, the Norwegian EPD-system and the Danish EPD-system. We provide verification services as well as introduction to EPDs, support in purchasing EPD-services and development of EPDs together with partners.

Contact us at david@dalemarken.com


With close to 15 years experience in LCA, we offer support with anything from a one-off study to implementation of structured LCA and Life Cycle Thinking processes in organisations. We can also provide review of LCA following most commonly used standards for LCA or Carbon Footprints.

We can also assist in how to use LCA as a basis for environmental marketing in Sweden.

We also offer support in environmental strategies to enable organisations to increasingly be profitable from more sustainable practices and business models. Services include finding the environmental issues that are critical for you company and sector to ensure that you are ready for client and legal requirements as well as support in environmental communication and finding a provider in LCA for large scale operation.

Contact us at david@dalemarken.com

Environmental consulting

Our services include methods for quantifying environmental impact, performing waste assessments, mapping and assessing possible circular business models and much more. From working in environmental consulting, we have often been the one to provide a solution where there is no guidance before. In short – we fix problems, large or small.

Some examples of solutions include:

  • An automotive supplier in metal working can now print on the global warming potential of Swedish production vs Chinese production directly on each offer sent.
  • A cooperation agreement for management of used syringes and needles within Swedish Pharmacies and municipalities to reduce the hazardous waste in bin collection.
  • A handbook in waste rooms and areas for single family houses, multistory buildings and companies
  • A practical and financially viable way about reuse of construction material for a retailer
  • Enabling recycling of a hygiene product specifically banned for recycling in European standards
  • Assessing possible post consumer recycled plastic flows for packaging
  • Calculated the economic and climate benefits of 30 ways for a person living in Gothenburg to reduce their waste
  • Written guidelines for entrance systems and security assessments for recycling centers